My dads heart
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My dads heart

Posted by: tony777 on 2/12/2018 8:00 PM

My Dad, Rick, is dealing with severe heart problems that were actually further complicated by a botched surgery done by the VA (very long story) and could potentially have further complications that would lead to his death. UNMC has done a corrective surgery that has helped, by major damage has already been done that they can't do much about. What I need is for God to step in and heal my father's heart. Though I know miracles are rare, I also know that God can do anything and a prayer multiplied is a prayer amplified, and so, God could heal my father's heart and save him from further suffering by completely fixing any and all damage to his heart. Please pray for God to heal my father's heart completely and give us this miracle. Thank you, and God bless any who pray on behalf of my family and I.

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