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Aug 22

Logos Bible Software

Posted by Steve Howells  filed under Logos 7,Logos Bible Software,Review   1 Comment(s)    Add a Comment  comment-icon.png

The good folks at Faithlife allowed me advance access to Logos 7, the latest release of the venerable Logos Bible Software, so that I could perhaps publish a Logos 7 review on this website. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

On the one hand I’m happy because this gives me the opportunity to connect you with something wonderful; a collection of resources that include an astonishingly comprehensive library complemented by enabling tools and methodologies that will improve your Bible study life in a very real way.

On the other hand, I’m a little concerned that if you get your hands on a copy of Logos 7 you’ll never need to visit the Search The Bible website again. You might even cancel your subscription to the Daily Bible Verse! More...

1 Comment
Added by Marybnc

God is bigger than all this, don't fear, God has your back. You don't know all the ways HE can bless your website/business by honoring him like this. Either way, HE will love you no less, but before you make up your mind ask yourself, are you being motivated by fear or love?

If it were me, I'd out all my chips in and go for it. To God be the glory.

Blessings to you
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